Queer Muslims at pride in London

Queer Muslims

Amna Khalid


This case study examines the place of queer Muslims in spiritual and religious spaces in the United Kingdom and North America. It is often assumed that queer practices are not compatible with the teachings of Islam and hence most queer Muslims reject their religious identity. This project questions this assumption and suggests that such an understanding is particular only to hegemonic, mainstream interpretations of the religion. It examines how queer Muslims negotiate their sexual and spiritual identities and investigates what 'spirituality' is for them and where to queer spiritual spaces exist. It studies the various identities inhabited by queer Muslims and how, when and why certain identities take precedence over others.

Latest News

So far several one-on-one interviews with Muslims who identify as LGB have been conducted in Manchester and London. One focus group discussion has also taken place. LGBT Muslim organisations such as the Naz Project, Safra Project and KISS have been contacted. A few interviews with LGBT Muslims in Canada are arranged for June. Further interviews in Britain will be done throughout the summer.

Queer Muslims at pride in London

Want To Take Part In This Project?

If you identify as queer Muslim and wish to take part in this study please get in touch with us via the Contact page. Participating in the project involves being interviewed and if you wish you can also be part of focus group discussions. All participant details will be confidential and no one will be identified in any of the research outputs unless they explicitly wish to be. If at any point during the study you wish to withdraw, you may do so.