Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

Kath Browne

Welcome to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival pages!

We are including Michfest in this project because it offers such amazing and unique insights into womyn's spiritualities. Michfest offers exceptional opportunities that cut across faiths, religious traditions and spiritualities. In addition there is a spirituality of Michfest that is a product of the festival itself and the feminist community that is created on the land. For some Michfest 'isn't as much a place as a state of mind'. Michfest therefore offers a really important and special space in which to undertake this research. Also, the land has a huge significance and spiritualities that cannot be disentangled from the experiences of Michfest.

In 2006 I conducted research at the festival. Time and again womyn mentioned spirituality as something that attracts them to the land and also the reason they return year on year. At Michfest the land is celebrated and feminist spiritual practices across a range of traditional, non-traditional, established and autonomous religions and spiritualities are present. We are taking this opportunity to learn about how lesbians, queer, bi as well as those who contest the labels themselves, understand and practice their spirituality on the land as well as in their daily lives.

Interested in sharing your experiences?

This case study will be taking place during this year's festival. There will be two general workshops that will be focused on the topics. I will also be conducting individual interviews. If you would like to arrange to meet me individually please get in touch and we can chat about meeting up.

If you can't make Michfest this year but would like to share your experiences please email me and I will let you know how you can get involved.

My contact details are on the Contact page.