Spiritual Seekers

Heather White


"Spiritual seekers" is a group which could also be described as the non-aligned spiritually curious. This case study examines the meanings taken up by "spirituality" as it circulates within LGBTQ social networks on the Internet and connects individuals with widely ranging interests and practices. This study probes the networks formed around LGBTQI spirituality on social networking sites, blogs, and webpages. In these spaces, "spirituality" facilitates multifaceted networks among LGBTQI individuals, creating an expansive milieu shared by Christian yoga practitioners and self-identified humanists, Zen Pagans and Quaker Taoists, contemplative Jews, New Age mystics, and many, many others.

Latest News:

I have set up accounts for this research in a variety of social networking sites, including Facebook, MyOutSpirit.com, and Gaia, and I am working to recruit participants who participate in these sites.

How to get involved

I am actively seeking additional participants in this case study. If you identify as LGBTQI, are interested in spirituality, and use the Internet around these interests, I'd be glad to have you participate. My method for this research will be interviews conducted either by email or internet chat, and I am also organizing group forums to discuss questions collectively. Please contact me via the Contact page if you would be interested in participating in either (or both) of these ways.