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The Queer Spiritual Spaces project is an investigation into the practices of non-hegemonic queer spiritual communities using case studies.

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Queer Spiritualities conference on Friday 13th March at University of Sussex more information available on news page.

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The project objectives and overall plan.
More information about the ethics.
Some background on each researcher.
Queer Buddhists
How does being LGBTQ affect a Buddhist's practice? What are the implications of practising Buddhism for LGBTQ people?
Spiritual Seekers
LGBTQ people who do not regard themselves as belonging to a particular religious or spiritual group but who are nevertheless concerned with the place of the sacred in their lives.
Findhorn Community
Looks at the place of New Age spirituality in the lives of LGBTQ people.
Michigan Womyns' Music Festival
How does Michfest offer spaces to explore and create spiritualities and sexualities?
The continuing story of Queer Spiritual Spaces.
General discussion space.
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